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Phil Zito

Hello I’m Phil Zito

Phil Zito is a thought leader in the smart building space. He is a self-taught expert with over a decades worth of experience in smart building design. He has worked on literally every building automation system on the market and most Information Technology systems as well.

Outside of his work his passion is to help others learn from his experiences and to contribute to the overall knowledge level of the Smart Building community.

Currently Phil is working on his up-coming E-book a Building Managers Guide to Building Automation and his upcoming podcast.

How I Got to Where I Am

Over the past decade I have worked to develop my skills around building automation, information technology, and cyber security. I have done this by pursuing certifications, master’s degrees, and series of challenging roles within the industry.

I started to blog, speak, and write over 4 years ago and have now begun to work towards creating my own online niche within the Building Automation space.

I specialize in working with end-users to create their standards for the building automation systems.

End Users

I have developed key expertise having worked with some of the largest customers in the world, my areas of focus are on working with customers to create:

  • Controls Standardization
  • Network Standardization
  • Point Standards
    • Alarm, Trend, Schedule Standards
  • Graphics Standards
  • Remote Connectivity Standards
  • Integration Standards


My Projects – Current as of 4-21-2016

Here is what I am working on


The site that started it all. Since 2012 I have been writing articles around Building Automation to educate the greater Building Automation Community. This site is focused on writing vendor agnostic articles to help answer technical, operational, and strategy questions around Building Automation.


Building Automation Systems A to Z

This will be my first e-book and I am very excited about it. This e-book will be the field manual for managers and directors tasked with overseeing building automation systems. This book is being written by myself along with a panel of reviewers that in total bring over 200 years of experience to my readers! I will be standing up a page for this book in the month of June. Stay Tuned!

Contact Me

If you have a question or would like to learn more about myself or Building Automation Monthly feel free to contact me below.